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Know your nursery rhymes!

Many of us can recite nursery rhymes from our childhood memories, but perhaps its time for us to have a refresher course in nursery rhymes to make sure our children learn the right words and in the best possible way.

In no particular order, below is the list of the top 10 must know Nursery Rhymes which all mums and dads should know. Young children learn a lot of what they know by observing what the people around them do. Best way to teach your little one is to sing songs, do the actions and show them it is so much fun. For making this process a little easier and less time taking here comes the list of the most common and popular Nursery Rhymes.

1. Row Row Row your boat

2. Itsy bitsy spider

3. Twinkle twinkle little star

4. Looby Loo

5. Hush Little Baby

6. Ba Ba Black Sheep

7. Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

8. Wheels on the Bus

9. Down by the Bay

10. If you are happy and you know it

Rhymes are a good means to help a child develop the essential oral skills and motor skills. It is likely that you will find various versions of some of the popular rhymes. It is alright to teach any of them as long as your child is enjoying. Try to make them participate when you are singing it to them. They usually learn the actions first and pick up couple of words. Encourage them to learn more by repeating them when you think they are enjoying. It should be fun. Appreciate them at their little successes whether it is an attempt to speak a new word or do an action correctly.

At Rowans Nursery, we love to have a singalong and allow the children to contribute as much or as little as possible.  We have a dance teacher named Alison. She attends on a Monday morning starting in our baby section then moving into the log cabin to work with our nursery and pre-school children. Alison has worked at the Rowans for over five years, she is a member of the United Teachers of Dance and also teaches at a local stage school for children from the age of four years and upwards.

Alison has our children in small groups with a practitioner to support her class and introduces a variety of ballet, tap, theatrical and modern dance and does also support our setting with special events such as the Christmas Nativity, Jubilee’s, Topics of interest.

Our children really enjoy their dance sessions and will confidently access these with ease!

Our nursery school curriculum is there to help each child develop.  The nursery team in Birmingham is here to support every child.  See our testimonials and if you’re interested in your child attending Rowans Day Nursery, which is very handy for parents in Birmingham covering Erdington, Kingstanding,Great Barr, and Sutton Coldfield.  Contact Rowans Nursery in Birmingham today or call 0121 354 1752 and we’ll happily help.