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Choosing a Nursery

After deciding which school or nursery you would like to visit, and the appointments have been made, it is important to ask the right questions to determine the correct place for your child.

Below we’ve listed some of the questions you may want to ask when visiting a nursery based on:

The environment

Is the school/nursery clean?
Is it well-maintained and organised?
Will your child be safe?
Are the toys in a good condition?
Is this a part of a chain of nurseries, or is it independent?
Is the nursery convenient to get to and leave from?

The atmosphere

Are the children happy and enjoying themselves?
Are the staff members nurturing and caring?
Would you consider the children active and busy, or controlled and directed?

Speak to other parents if possible, there should be a lively atmosphere.

The routine

What would a typical day entail?
Is there a variety of activities including, creative play, sitting down activities, free play and time for rest?
When is nap time, where is it held and how long for? Does the facility have an outdoor play area and if not, are there periods the children will be taken out?

The discipline policy

How would bad behaviour be handled?
What is the discipline policy?
Are well-behaved children rewarded?

The staff’s qualifications

What are the credentials of the teaching staff?
What’s the amount of fully qualified staff that teach here?

The curriculum and Ofsted inspections

Can you view a recent Ofsted report if there is one?
Will your child be able to understand the curriculum?

The food, medicine, and care policies

Are the children given anything to eat if anything, at break times?
Are their dietary and allergy needs that are catered for?
Is there a nurse and does she have a medicine policy? (Nurses are able to administer antibiotics, excluding Calpol and cough medicine, if they have a medicine book.)
Will your child need nappies?

The parent/teacher relationships

Does the school have a flexible attitude to new children and parents like a gradual entry policy?
Are there reports to keep parent’s updated with their child’s progress?
Will there be times when the head teacher is available to talk to parents at the start or the end of each day?
Will there be advice given to parents to encourage their child following the child’s development at the school/nursery?

Anything else

You can ask for the policy on late collections; will there be a charge?
Check whether nappies, dance classes, uniforms, swimming classes, meals and anything else will have an extra charge.
Is the nursery flexible? Will you be able to make up missed days if your child is ill or isn’t available for any other reasons?
Does the nursery give any refunds?
Will there be any extra cost in closing periods or bank holidays?
Is there a fee for deposit and registration?
How far in advance would these fees be due?

Lastly, questions will help you determine some of the basics of a nursery, however, be sure to trust your own instinct on whether you believe your child will thrive and prosper in that particular nursery.
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