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Day nursery benefits

Sending your child to day nursery presents a number of benefits.

Nursery gives children to opportunity to develop

Nursery gives children to opportunity to develop

Day nurseries follow the early years foundation stage which offers a structure of learning and care for children from an extremely young age to five years old.

Children will have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills by participating in a variety of activities that may include:

– construction blocks and dough
– imaginative play (in a playhouse, sand pit, water table etc.)
– jigsaws and puzzles
– moving around and dancing to music
– painting, gluing and sticking, drawing etc.
– simple cooking
– singing
– story time/reading

Children get to experience, from a young age, socialisation through playing with other children their own age and learn in groups and individually with a member of staff, this will also help with the child’s confidence.

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