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Importance of dance for children

Rowans host a dance and fitness class for the nursery children, older and younger.

Here we discuss why it is important for children to get exercise into their lives, more specifically dance.

The inclusion of the arts is slowly reducing in many mainstream schools leading parents to seek out other performing opportunities for their children to partake in. To view the teachers that visit the school and host these Dance & Fitness sessions, please click here.

First and a foremost, the obvious benefits dance and fitness provides children is weight control. It’s an enjoyable source of exercise for children, promoting healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure along with aiding in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

In fact, it has been said that children require approximately half an hour of structured activity per day paired with one hour of unstructured activity. They should be encouraged to be active throughout the day as this does improve coordination, aids sleep and flexibility. Dance is an exceptional way for children to be constantly active along with have fun in the process! It encourages children to use their whole body, from stretching, bending and reaching, to a musical beat which they will truly enjoy.

The result of dance and fitness is feeling happier and well exercised.

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Baby massage

Rowans Nursery offer IAIM Baby Massage, a long-standing parenting tradition that has circulated many cultures, including Indian and African.

Baby massage was only recently introduced into the Western world during the last three decades, growing in popularity in the UK since the late 90’s.

The massage can be done using a high quality, unscented vegetable oil using rhythmic strokes on the baby’s body, following a sequence that has been mastered over the years. The massage is enjoyable for the baby as they will feel valued and respected through the series of massages. Drawing from Indian and Swedish massage traditions, not only that but incorporating principles from reflexology and yoga.

Babies can benefit from the massage:

– Helps the baby feel secure
– Helps them feel loved, valued and respected
– Reduces emotional distress
– Increased levels of relaxation and longer sleep
– Development of body awareness and coordination
– Provides relief from colic, constipation, teething discomfort and wind

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