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Day nursery benefits

Sending your child to day nursery presents a number of benefits.

Nursery gives children to opportunity to develop

Nursery gives children to opportunity to develop

Day nurseries follow the early years foundation stage which offers a structure of learning and care for children from an extremely young age to five years old.

Children will have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills by participating in a variety of activities that may include:

– construction blocks and dough
– imaginative play (in a playhouse, sand pit, water table etc.)
– jigsaws and puzzles
– moving around and dancing to music
– painting, gluing and sticking, drawing etc.
– simple cooking
– singing
– story time/reading

Children get to experience, from a young age, socialisation through playing with other children their own age and learn in groups and individually with a member of staff, this will also help with the child’s confidence.

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Advantages of nursery

Day nurseries follow the early years foundation stage (EYFS), providing them with a structure of learning and care.

Your child will be in the hands of specially trained staff that are taught to provide a safe and stimulating environment for the children to learn and develop in.

There will be a wide variety of activities available for your child to learn and other skills including:

– construction blocks and dough
– imaginative play, with the sand pit, water table or playhouse
– jigsaws and puzzles
– moving and dancing to music
– painting, drawing, gluing and sticking
– simple cooking
– singing
– story time and reading

These activities and skills that they are being taught offer your child a chance to play within a group and with other children, subconsciously learning social skills and developing their confidence.

Each day nursery will have been inspected and registered by the appropriate authority; England’s nurseries: Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted), Scotland’s nurseries: HM Inspectorate of Education (HMIE), Wales’ nurseries: Estyn, Northern Ireland’s nurseries: Department for Education Northern Ireland (DENI).

Another advantage of sending your child to nursery are the strict rules in place for the parents and students to follow such as pick up times and drop off times.

Nurseries offer a stable and reliable form of childcare as it will constantly be open no matter if a carer is ill or late. Something you and your child can both benefit from.

When you are selecting a nursery for your child to visit, you can ask the nursery these questions to help you determine whether to place is right for your child.
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Five top reasons for sending your child to a nursery

So, why exactly should you send your little ones to nursery?

It promotes social activities

One of the main benefits of sending your child to nursery is the preparation it has on your child school life. Depending on where you send your child, nursery’s aren’t specifically the most cost effective places in the world, yet the social benefit is gives your children is immense. They’re mixing with children in their own age group, so they’ll be much better equipped to dealing with other children when the time comes.

It’s always good to find a balance in this sense, as although nursery is a fantastic place for your children to be, they’ll still need to spend time with parents.

Get more quality time with your little ones

As they all say, absence makes the heart grow fonder… right? Having time away from your little ones is not only good for you, as you’ll be able to spend some time on yourself, but you’ll also feel way more relaxed with them when they come home, giving yourself more energy and more time to play with them.

There's lots of fun to be had at nursery for your little ones!

There’s lots of fun to be had at nursery for your little ones!

Potty training may become easier?

It’s possible that, whilst at nursery, your little ones can pick up more skills than you would’ve thought possible. For example, did you know that children can become more accepting of the idea of potty training whilst at nursery?

Nursery staff reinforce the idea of potty training to your children time and time again, so when it comes to it they should take to it with more ease and understanding. Although we’re not saying that potty training is the main reason you should send your child to nursery, it certainly is a massive help when trying to explain to your children the importance of using a potty.

Encourages playing and sharing

The good thing about sending your children to nursery is that it’ll increase their love of being outdoors, as well as giving them time to be active. A toddler who is active is more likely to remain active later on in life, so it’s important to encourage your children to be active both indoors and outdoors.

The benefits of ‘messy play’

One of the biggest benefits of sending your little one to nursery is that they can have as much messy play as they want, and the best thing is, you don’t have to be the one to clean it up! Now, children can have a form of messy play at home, as we’re sure there are walls in your home that can show evidence of this, but at the same time children can experience a wider range of messy play at nursery than they can at home, with activities including water, paint, paper, glue and sand.

So, what do you think? Are you convinced? Would you send your child to nursery based on this?

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