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Children’s nursery rhymes benefit the development of a child’s linguistics

Nursery rhymes are a given when a child is growing up, and some parents will agree on how catchy they are.

They are able to have an impact on the development of a child’s linguistics and their understanding of phonics.

Conducted research has presented finding that the short format and repeated nature of the songs aid in the development of a child’s reading skills. Over a period of time, children will have a developed understanding and familiarity with specific sounds which will help them identify the similarities between different words. An example could be the words ‘light’ and ‘night’ sounding extremely similar which will aid the child as they learn to read at a later stage.

Nursery rhymes are also a brilliant way for children to experiment with sounds, broaden their memory, and understand books and reading in general. Cognitive ability can be improved through videos, this is because the video illustrates the nursery rhyme and gives the rhyme context leading to an understanding of the rhyme. Because there is added visual stimulation and sing along options will get the children involved.

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Day nursery benefits

Sending your child to day nursery presents a number of benefits.

Nursery gives children to opportunity to develop

Nursery gives children to opportunity to develop

Day nurseries follow the early years foundation stage which offers a structure of learning and care for children from an extremely young age to five years old.

Children will have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills by participating in a variety of activities that may include:

– construction blocks and dough
– imaginative play (in a playhouse, sand pit, water table etc.)
– jigsaws and puzzles
– moving around and dancing to music
– painting, gluing and sticking, drawing etc.
– simple cooking
– singing
– story time/reading

Children get to experience, from a young age, socialisation through playing with other children their own age and learn in groups and individually with a member of staff, this will also help with the child’s confidence.

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Baby massage

Rowans Nursery offer IAIM Baby Massage, a long-standing parenting tradition that has circulated many cultures, including Indian and African.

Baby massage was only recently introduced into the Western world during the last three decades, growing in popularity in the UK since the late 90’s.

The massage can be done using a high quality, unscented vegetable oil using rhythmic strokes on the baby’s body, following a sequence that has been mastered over the years. The massage is enjoyable for the baby as they will feel valued and respected through the series of massages. Drawing from Indian and Swedish massage traditions, not only that but incorporating principles from reflexology and yoga.

Babies can benefit from the massage:

– Helps the baby feel secure
– Helps them feel loved, valued and respected
– Reduces emotional distress
– Increased levels of relaxation and longer sleep
– Development of body awareness and coordination
– Provides relief from colic, constipation, teething discomfort and wind

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